Friday, February 19, 2010

Born Under a Bad Sign

I was conceived on Halloween 1963.
Trust me, as the last of five children my mother knew when these events occurred.
She didn't reveal this information to me until I was in my twenties. "So thats a source of my disfunction!" I joked with her back then.
 Halloween is still, my favorite holiday.
 I donned costumes and participated up to my preteens.

 I have been wearing a mask ever since.

I was born on Soap Box Derby Day. A long gone annual ritual in Fort Lauderdale.
My oldest brother raced that day and thanked my Mom profusely for waiting to go into labor until after the event.
 Both my older brothers had cars for this affair.
 I never did and I want to say I begrudged them but I really don't think thats true.
I am sure my issues are more deep seated than that.

It never fails, somewhere at sometime, the guitar store, grocery store or somewhere in public, I hear: "Matthew! Get over here!"
"Matthew Put that down!"
"Stop that Matthew!"
I immediately think, 'What did I do?' as I turn to locate the source of reprimand although I know it is not me in trouble.
 I was a well behaved adolescent.
Later on in life,
is a whole different story...

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