Thursday, February 24, 2011

Submitted for your approval

I have reached the Twilight Zone. Twilight, as in the third and fourth dictionary definitions:
3.period or condition of decline following growth, glory or success.
4. a state of ambiguity or obscurity.
Lets call it a combination of both.
For over two months I have been attempting to enroll in online college. Too much time on your hands being unemployed can lead a person to strange decisions.
I have plenty of hobbies but they are pursuits of leisure. I figured at forty seven years old it was time to take advantage of opportunities to improve myself.
  The first selection was Full Sail University. My Niece takes courses there. As part of the grant disbursement they provide you with a new computer and all the required software. Apple Mac book Pro. I am not a fan of Apple whatsoever. But my own new laptop computer and the chance of earning a degree in writing was just my ticket to a more rewarding future.
  I can only describe that whole ordeal as a three ring circus. More phone calls, faxes, file transfers than if I ran a business from home. In the end, I got a letter of denial sent overnight by Fed-Ex. My application had to go in front of a review board due to my background as a semi career criminal. Don't forget, this was exclusively for an Online Degree! I've still got a bad taste in my mouth from that can of worms.
I framed the rejection letter.
Then started searching for another college.
The present college does not list a 'have you ever been convicted of a crime' question on their admissions application.
What they did require is something more ominous than the most heinous crime I have ever committed against humanity.
They wanted ten pages of my writing samples to preview.
Just great.
I want to pursue a dream.
Look to the future.
I didn't let all the skeletons out of the closet.
They only wanted a sample.
In my book, or books I should say, that's enough.
A padded room with no view would be a very conducive writing office.
But its hell to write when you are wearing a straitjacket.

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